Investing in safer motherhood means investing in the future

We empower all motherhood stakeholders, from grassroots groups to advocacy and large organisations, to accelerate impact and avoid duplication. We believe that investing in motherhood gives the best chance to our future generations. The Motherhood Collective Impact Programme represents an overarching strategy that encompasses three interlinked subprogrammes – The Alliance for Maternal Health Equality, Safe Motherhood Week and Pregnancy & Medicine Initiative.

Grow and formalise the maternal care ecosystem

Providing a pre-competitive and neutral environment, Motherhood Collective Impact seeks to have balanced representation of stakeholders to ensure transparency, inclusiveness, and credibility. Stakeholders include civil society, industry, subject matter experts, healthcare professionals, and other professional organisations to ensure diversity of perspectives and to create synergies. Our vision is a world where all women have equitable access to high quality healthcare in its broadest sense. We believe that investing in safer motherhood means investing in the future.

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