Governance for inclusion and agility

We believe that only a partnership across all major stakeholder groups can effectively address the issue of maternal care. Based on this belief, we have secured the participation of founding partners across The Alliance for Maternal Health Equality, Safe Motherhood Week and Pregnancy & Medicine Initiative who represent civil society and industry, and will continue to add members from a diverse background who have an interest and expertise in the different aspects of this issue. We believe in a balanced combination of inclusion of all stakeholders and agile operations that delivers results.

Advisory committee

Starting from 2017, the Advisory Committee has a maximum of 12 members elected for a 1-year mandate plus a seat for each member of the Management Group. Members of the Advisory Committee shall be individuals from member organisations. As a principle, the members of the Advisory Committee are elected to act as trustees ahead of their role as representatives of their respective organisations.

The Advisory Committee’s role is:

1. to lead the Motherhood Collective Impact Programme, and therefore to define the long and medium term goals of the project, respecting internal rules

2. to give a clear mandate to the Executive Team to act on a day-to-day basis

3. to oversee the Executive Team, granting them discharge based on the approval of the annual report and budget

4. to represent the interests of members

Members are represented in the Advisory Committee according to the following principles:


minimum 30% civil society


maximum 50% of industry members