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What is Synapse?

Synapse is a global, interactive, searchable platform that seeks to identify every maternal and neonatal care initiatives and actor in the world.

Our goal is to bring together people and projects, identify interventions that work, match solutions to resources, and solve maternal & neonatal care challenges in a better and more sustainable way.

Joining the Maternal Health Synapse gives you and your initiatives global visibility, opens up your network to diverse organisations and stakeholder groups, facilitates interaction and provides a channel to showcase your activities and be recognised for your achievements.

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How to use Synapse:

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Benefits for joining Synapse:

You can make your initiative, organisation and experts visible to others

You can find the right partner, exciting project or resource

You will get better
access to potential

A better understanding of the maternal health landscape

Access to the first marketplace for maternal health resources

Why the Maternal Health Synapse?

Globally, maternal health care and safe motherhood remain an unfinished agenda. Worldwide, maternal deaths have fallen by 44 percent since 1990, and the overall use of maternity services has increased. But not all countries are progressing equally. Today, over 800 women still die every day due to pregnancy related complications.

The major benefit of using a marketplace approach to solving societal challenges such as maternal health is that it speeds up problem solving. It is an ongoing challenge for different actors in maternal health – those seeking resources and those with something to offer – to find each other and collaborate on solutions. As the maternal health landscape continues to be fragmented, applying this model will become increasingly crucial to solving the gaps in maternal health issues today.

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